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Industrial Claim

Industrial property claims

According to NFPA, there are an approximate 37,900 industrial & manufacturing facilities reported fires annually. These statistics show a total amount of about $1.2 billion in property damages for the industrial and manufacturing sector simply related to fire alone. Property damages occurring to industrial & manufacturing facilities present a series of challenges that affects occupants and workflow of the business. When a major disaster happens, operations managers and business owners are faced with logistical obstacles that can originate from a mechanical explosion or roof damage. Industrial assembly spaces can incur major damage to inventory, machinery & mechanical equipment, spoilage and building improvements & alterations. Keeping the industrial or manufacturing facility open or back in operation is imperative before becoming financially challenged. Issues of mechanical equipment damage, scope of property damage repairs, business interruption coverage, extended period of indemnity, OSHA standards, health department compliance, building code upgrades, and not losing employees become some of the many complexities when navigating through an insurance claim for industrial & manufacturing facilities. Floridian International Adjusters clearly understands these issues and excels in managing your insurance claim from the beginning and until a settlement is reached that is beneficial to your company.

FIA is equipped to assist in the following industrial uses

  • Distribution Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Aviation, Auto, & Marine repair and supplier facilities
  • Storage facilities
Warehouse Claim

Having a PA for your industrial or manufacturing claim

Our team of public adjusters will assist in collaborating with you and your staff to effectively coordinate, manage and become the point contact for all parties involved in an industrial or manufacturing facility property insurance claim. Damages to assembly areas, storage rooms, offices, and retail spaces will present complex issues to the operations managers, property managers, and the rest of the organization. The immediate aftermath is what many business owners are not prepared and experienced to fathom. Urgent property damage issues such as: damaged machinery, salvaging inventory, avoiding spoilage, keeping employees, operation closures, power outages, damaged roof components, exposure of building envelopes, water intrusion to the interior of your building causing major water damage to improvements & alterations are some of the complexities of keeping your business from misfortune.

An experienced commercial claim public adjuster will properly address and identify underlying issues that you and the insurance company may not understand. Many of these issues will be difficult to investigate and document once certain repairs are made to the property. However, other issues related to structure and non-cosmetic damages will remain until properly remedied. This is simply why it is encouraged to contact a public adjuster at the early stages of your claim. Floridian International Adjusters can assist industrial and manufacturing businesses on new claims, underpaid claims, and even claims that have been denied coverage under your property policy.

Warehouse Roof Claim1

Tips for industrial & manufacturing facilities after a loss

  • Take safety measures for all occupants and staff
  • Ensure that your property is safe for entry and inspection
  • Take initial photos & videos and create an initial list of damaged property (Interior & Exterior of building)
  • Locate your property insurance policy (hardcopy & PDF if possible)
  • Immediately take steps to prevent further damage (For example: Tarping roofs, removing water from common spaces & units)
  • Contact Floridian International Adjusters for a FREE CONSULTATION!
  • Provide prompt notice of loss to your insurance company
  • Develop a plan and claim management strategy with your public adjuster

Is there more damage than originally thought?

The initial documentation of your industrial or manufacturing facility property damage is imperative in providing the evidence needed to create an initial presentation to your insurance company. Taking photos and videos with a smartphone or any other device will help solidify your claim and show important documentation of damaged property that may not be obtainable at a later time. Contacting an insurance claim professional such as a public adjuster is beneficial in the documentation of damaged property at the early stages of an insurance claim. We find that property managers, boards and other policyholders at times fail to understand and identify the nature and extent of their damage. Our adjusters have the experience and trained eye that allows us to immediately understand the scope of repairs with clarity. It is imperative that property damage issues be immediately addressed and identified at the early stages of presenting a damage insurance claim for an industrial or manufacturing facility.


Industrial Warehouse Claim

Claim management strategies for industrial facilities

Industrial & manufacturing facilities can be different in many ways. When consulting with your public adjuster, a plan should be developed with the following questions.

  • What caused the damage?
  • Where do I relocate employees & staff?
  • How do we maintain operations?
  • How do we maintain OSHA standards?
  • What is the extent and scope of damages to my property?
  • What is the initial proposed cost of repairs and restoration?
  • Does any of my property damage need to be brought up to code?
  • Do you have an estimated timeline for the period of repairs and restoration?
  • What are benefits under the insurance policy contract?
  • What are the duties and conditions under the insurance policy?
  • How long will it take to receive any payment for my claim?
  • How long can my claim settlement take?

Policyholders who used a public adjuster on catastrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747% - OPPAGA Report

Industrial & Manufacturing Facility Claim Services

Our experienced public adjusters will be working with you throughout the whole claims process to ensure that all aspects and issues related to your industrial & manufacturing facility damaged property are properly addressed to your insurance company. Apart from documenting your loss, Floridian International Adjusters may incorporate the experts such as: industry related consultants, mechanical engineers, industrial hygienist, structural engineers, architects, accountants, and appraisers needed to properly adjust and prepare your complex claim. Our comprehensive repair and restoration report will address many issues that your insurance company’s adjuster may overlook or not have the expertise to properly identify and allow for payment of your claim.

Reviewing your Policy

Reviewing the contract of the insurance policy is critical in the early stages. A comprehensive investigation of cause and origin of a loss is performed in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss.  Together with our experts and consultants, we begin to identify, research, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of our client’s property loss.

Adjusting your Claim

Communication and negotiations with our client’s insurance company is a process that evolves as the claim development is underway. Issues of policy coverage, local, state & federal laws are addressed. Mitigation and reconstruction of building systems are presented and debated with the insurance company’s adjuster.

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Our public adjusters service the following areas

Floridian International Adjusters continues to expand into several regions of the US and abroad. Currently, our licensed adjusters can assist property owners with damage in the following locations:

Florida  Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico  Georgia
South Carolina  North Carolina
Virginia  Colorado

Property loss consultants working for you!

Founded in a region known for it’s high risk of natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, fires and other catastrophes. Floridian International Adjusters has become a known advocate for policyholders who have incurred the consequence of property damage to their homes and businesses. Our licensed public adjusters have represented and settled thousands of property insurance claims on behalf of property owners. FIA’s trained staff and adjusters come from many diverse backgrounds such as customer relations, architecture, emergency restoration, marketing, business administration and even from inside the insurance carrier side of the property insurance industry. The combination of these various disciplines gives the firm a competitive edge in excelling the practice of public insurance adjusting, property loss consulting and loss appraisal.

Floridian International Adjusters core principles center on the needs of our clients. Our careful representation and insurance claim management strategies provide your property loss claim with an opportunity to maximize the benefits of your insurance policy coverage in an efficient and pro-active manner. Understanding the nature of identifying damage and properly appraising the value of your claim is our specialty.

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